06 July, 2010

CD Recommendations (4): HMV Sale - Australian Eloquence

CD Recommendations (4):
HMV Sale - Australian Eloquence

HMV Hong Kong is having a sale on Australian Eloquence, at prices that are cheaper than down Oz. In recent years, Australian Eloquence has done great service to the classical world by re-issuing for the first time many deserved recordings.

The entire catalogue is difficult to find. Here is Buywell's 2009 Catalogue of Australian Eloquence in pdf form.

For me, among the choice items:

-Ernst Ansermet. This prolific Decca "house" recording artist recorded a lot more than what was internationally issued by Universal. Australian Eloquence has rectified this by issuing previously unavailable Brahms, Prokofiev, Schumann etc. For me, there is not one unworthy. Click below for 2 excellent overviews of this conductor:

Overview 1
Overview 2

-Arthur Grumiaux. Another artist who has recorded a lot more than issued so far on CD (except for a previous Japanese edition). Among Australian Eloquence's offerings are wonderful recordings of baroque music etc.

-Ruggiero Ricci. Previously you have to find many of his best recordings (always a firebrand) on Taiwanese Decca. Now they are conveniently bundled. Some items, like Bach and Hindemeth, are new to CD.

-Other good recordings by Paul Kletzi and Walter Weller.

Two exoticas that are highly regarded in HiFi are Witches' Brew and Royal Ballet Gala (pictured above), but these 2 items may be out now, as I failed to get extra ones for friends.

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