07 April, 2014

Concert Review: HKPO-Ashkenazy-Gabetta

 Sol Gabetta press photo 2013 / CD "Il progetto Vivaldi 3" - Photo 1Concert Review: HKPO-Ashkenazy-Gabetta

April 4, 2012, CCCH
HKPO-Ashkenazy-Sol Gabetta

I have long followed Ashkenazy and Sol Gabetta on record (many available from the library).  So I was eagerly awaiting the concert.

Vladimir Ashkenazy conducted in a matter-of-fact style that was almost mechanical, but the result he got was outstanding. The orchestra was under total control in the splendid account of Elgar's In the South, long one of my favorites. Control, yes, but what passion we got too!

Elgar's Cello Concerto received a marvellously individual account from Sol Gabetta. Her playing had an almost improvisatory feeling, which suited her just fine as the particular cello she played on is ravishing in tone and she was a superb colorist too. In comparison, the orchestral contribution was poassoibly a little too controlled. Two superb encores drove the audience crazy.

I did not stay for the second half. I was told Ashkenazy's version of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition has its own strong points heard live. I know the record, which did not do too much to me.