12 January, 2015

Concert Review: HKPO - Bezhod Abduraimov - Thomas Dausgaard

Concert Review: HKPO - Bezhod Abduraimov - Thomas Dausgaard

Jan 9, 2015, CCCH
HKPO - Bezhod Abduraimov - Thomas Dausgaard
Mendelssohn - Rachmaninov - Elgar

I came to know this latest wunderkind through the public library, which has his excellent first Decca CD release.

For an opener, lanky Dane conductor Thomas Dausgaard delivered a lean and mean Hebrides overture.

The Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 3 was almost anti-romantic, but the tight partnership was enticing. Bezhod Abduraimov produced the most beautiful tone and did not just hammer it out, instead filling many passages with refreshing poetry. One of my friends who went the following night said he played just too beautifully, but I desist. The encore made me want to hear his recital. Come back soon!

Elgar's Enigma Variations has never been a personal favorite. On this occasion, it was played well. Nimrod lacked a little atmosphere. But Dausgaard played a trick by playing the original ending first (no wonder it sounded odd), and then he spoke to the audience and played the revised ending  (upon urging by the publisher). Well, the publisher was right! :-)

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