19 December, 2009

Opera Review: Janacek and Salonen

Opera Review: Janacek and Salonen

November, 2009
Janacek From the House of The Dead
Metropolitan Opera, Esa-Pekka Salonen

I watched this opera just before I came back to HK. It was everything the NY Times review said it is, and more. I liked the Chereau staging, austere in the extreme, comprising a few grey cubes that change subtly in combination as the action "proceeds", much like LEGO products. The conducting of Salonen was positively one of the best I've heard in the opera house. Indeed, this opera is meant as much to be heard as seen. This is not an easy opera to listen at home, but after watching this production, perhaps I shall re-visit it one day just for the great music, way ahead of its time.

Coverage of 2007 European premiere conducted by Boulez

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